CyberCorps (R) Scholarship for Service (SFS)

The Scholarship for Service (SFS) program is administered and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in cooperation with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Scholarship benefits include full tuition and fees, a cost-of-living stipend, and reimbursement for travel expenses and professional development. Students awarded a scholarship will incur a service obligation to the government upon graduation from N.C. State.

Scholarship recipients receive internship opportunities prior to graduation, professional development, and employment placement assistance. Upon graduation, recipients work in a position related to cybersecurity for a Federal, State, Local or Tribal government organization in the United States for a period equal to the length of the scholarship. Typically, students will be funded for two years.
The goal of the CyberCorps® program is to strengthen the workforce charged with safeguarding our government agencies from cyberattacks, and protecting the security and privacy of the public.

Selection Criteria

  • Citizen or lawful permanent resident of the US
  • Full-time student pursuing a bachelors or master degree in Computer Science with expected completion in two years from application
  • CODA in CSC with plans to pursue the Cybersecurity Concentration
  • Demonstrated academic promise through GPA and Computer Science coursework
  • Commitment to service in the US government after graduation
  • Enthusiasm for study and employment in cybersecurity