Cecil C. Bozarth III

Cecil C. Bozarth III

For more than two decades, Dr. Cecil C. Bozarth III embodied NC State’s Think and Do spirit.

Bozarth filled rooms – both literally and figuratively – in Poole College of Management, helping the new college transform into a driving force that equips students to solve real-world issues in today’s data-driven, global economy. As a professor of supply chain management, he believed in the mission of NC State, and his unique, colorful style and friendly demeanor advanced Poole College’s mission of enhancing the success of students through educational innovation.

When Bozarth passed away suddenly at the age of 55, he left a void in Nelson Hall. Faculty members and other donors quickly contributed more than $60,000 to the Cecil C. Bozarth III Scholarship endowment, which provides need-based scholarships for students in the college who are pursuing a concentration in operations or supply chain management.