In Memory of John Sterling Brown (1948-2020)

In Memory of John Sterling Brown (1948-2020)

During his time at NC State and after graduation, John Sterling Brown (Electrical Engineering ’71) had a long and successful career as an engineer at Carolina Power & Light (CP&L), working his way up from a co-op role in a tiny office the size of a broom closet to leadership roles within the company. John spent 23 years at CP&L before retiring and also co-founded his own successful company, Utility Technology Engineers-Consultants, PLLC.

John had limited resources while he was at NC State and had to work multiple odd jobs in order to pay his own way through college. There were times during school when it was a challenge to afford food to eat, let alone to pay for tuition and fees. While he used these experiences to spin fantastic yarns later in his life (John was a masterful storyteller), the demands of employment hindered his ability to focus on his education and participate fully in the “normal” college experiences. Throughout his life, John embodied good humor, curiosity and a passion for learning.


By establishing this scholarship, John’s family hopes that students with similar paths as John’s will have the resources they need to be fully focused on attaining their degrees in electrical and computer engineering from NC State, rather than dividing their attention between multiple jobs or taking out student loans.