Anne-Marie and Chris Olinger Entrepreneur Scholarship

To provide scholarships to outstanding students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (CSC) and who are affiliated with NC State Entrepreneurship and/or the CSC Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Track. Preference will be given to students with a demonstrated combined interest in entrepreneurship and the field of computer science. Outstanding achievements may be demonstrated in students’ participation in activities and programs including, but not limited to:

a) Students who reside in either the Albright Entrepreneurs Village or Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Village.
b) Students who participate in Women in Computer Science (WiCS), the Association of Computing Machinery and Association of Information Technology Professionals (ACM/AITP), the Artificial Intelligence Club, or who are Computer Science Ambassadors.
c) Students taking any of the courses required or recommended for the CSC Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Track (Department of CSC).
d) Students enrolled in university entrepreneurship offerings such as the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship (Department of Entrepreneurship).
e) Students taking any courses required for the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP).
f) Students who participate in any Entrepreneurship competition including, but not limited to, “eGames,” “Make-A-Thon” and “Minute to Pitch It”.
g) Students who participate in any CSC competition including, but not limited to, “HackPack,” “PackHacks,” cybersecurity competitions and “DiamondHacks”.
h) Students who present and wish to pursue unique and creative ideas for new businesses or initiatives that are deemed innovative enough to warrant special recognition, as judged by the EEP.