Lawrence M. Clark Memorial Scholarship

Distributions from the Fund will be used to provide scholarships for undergraduate students at NC State. The Donor intends that when awarding this scholarship, preference be given to students who have demonstrated interest in equality, diversity or social justice for the Black community by participating in community activities, social groups, student clubs or organizations that support this focus. Awards are renewable if award recipients remain in good academic standing. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Dr. Lawrence M. Clark came to NC State University as a senior administrator in the early 1970s. He, alongside Dr. Witherspoon, worked diligently to transform NC State to be a more welcoming and inclusive campus, in addition to inspiring students daily. In presentations to students, he would often say that he and others had “run their leg of the race” and he was passing on the baton to students. As a student, how have you accepted the baton? How are you building on the Clark & Witherspoon legacy and running your leg of the race through your leadership, service, and academics at NC State?
  2. Please provide a name and email address of a person who you would like to submit a reference on your behalf.