TLC Endowment for College of Design Student Aid

Distributions from the Fund will be used by the Dean of the College of Design, or his or her designee, to provide financial support to students majoring in a discipline in the College of Design who are struggling with hardships and/or unmet need. Fund uses may include, but are not limited to purchasing of required materials for the recipient’s studies such as books, supplies and/or technology. Preference shall be given to undergraduate students who are North Carolina residents. Recipients shall be selected based on a rolling applications process. The current preference is that awards not exceed $500, but the award size may be adjusted by the Foundation to maximize the Fund’s benefit to the university and students. College of Design.

Ms. Linda J. Noble and Mr. Craig McDuffie
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a brief statement about the use of funds, including how the funds will alleviate barriers that impede your success.
  2. How will you use these funds?
  3. Will the funds be used for the current academic semester?
  4. Do you currently have direct deposit set up through the University?
  5. Amount requested? (up to $500)
  6. By submitting this document, I affirm that all information on this application is complete, true, and correct and that I am in need of these funds in order to continue my education at NC State University.
  7. NCSU Faculty/Adviser/Staff Referral (this information is required in order for your request to be processed).
  8. NCSU Faculty/Adviser/Staff Referral email address
  9. NCSU Faculty/Adviser/Staff Referral phone number
  10. How did you learn about this opportunity?
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